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The SONSY CUTE fireplace offers the same elegant appearance as all the other fireplaces of NMA, additionally, there is left a huge range for the client to make his/her own choices. Which means that customer requirement and budget is high on the agenda, here. This model can, as the other models, be made of 304L- and 316 stainless steel, but it can also be made of 430 stainles steel.  Consequently, the price of the CUTE lies in the hands of the costumer and in the same time, the quality of the production stays the same as in all other NMA Products, because everything is made by hand individually here, too. Other important features which differentiates CUTE from other fireplaces are a single walled fire conic and a single walled fire space. As there is only one wall in the fire space much space is saved and nearly all of the accessories (except of Rotisserie and Paella Pan) of the Large size fit into the CUTE. The CUTE has also 4 wheels, for easy transportation, and fire bricks on the fire space ground.


Material: 304L Stainless Steel

Diameter:   590mm

Firespace:  530mm

Hight:         2250mm