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The SONSY SHINE model is designed for special clients who want something ‘more’ or something ‘different’. With this fireplace one stands out from the ordinary, not only visually but also conserning the equipment. One of the most important features of the SHINE is that it has a double walled fire space, fire conic and flue which all are filled with rock wall isolation. Consequently, one has not to be afraid even when children touch the back or the conic of the fireplace while it is lighted, becuase this isolation system causes the surface to stay cool. That is why the SHINE, is one of the most secure and most lavish models of NMA. Additionally, even at the highest temperatures the color of the stainless steel of this fireplace does not change. However, the choice of color lies in the hands of the costumer (see Catalogue, P.20, Colors). An important visual characteristic of the SHINE is that it has a complete surrounding glas door, which can be pushed, designed especially for this model. By request clients can get the SHINE including the glas door. Quality is the main priority for this model, too, that is why only 304L, or by request  316 stainless steel is used in the production. As the SONSY, the SHINE has 4 rubber wheels on which it can be easily transported, pushed or pulled. Summing up, with the SHINE one has a guarantee of fireplace-fun, comfort, and maintenance of good appearance for many years.

Material: 304L, 316 Stainless Steel

                                       Large        XLarge

Diameter:                          700mm     800mm

Fire space:                       600mm      700mm

Height:                           2500mm       2500mm