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For the production of fireplaces NMA uses only the best quality concerning the material. The model SONSY is completely made of AISI 304L (1.4301) stainless steel or by request of AISI 316 (1.4401). Therefore, a usage which withstands every kind of weather is guaranteed for many years. As local conditions and tastes can vary, SONSY is produced in 3 different sizes and colors (see Catalogue, P. 20, Colors).


Material: AISI 304L (1.4301), 316 (1.4401) Stainless steel

                                           Medium                    Large                     XLarge

Diameter:                            600mm                      700mm                  800mm

Fire space:                          500mm                      600mm                 700mm

Height:                                2500mm                    2500mm                2500mm