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If one likes corners and edges more then round things, then the SQUARE is the right fireplace to choose. As all other NMA fireplaces, the parts of the SQUARE are produced individually by hand and then put together, again by hand. The especially designed door of this model is in the basic equipment of the fireplace, which makes the SQUARE to a stylish eye-cather. Customer requirement and budget are on the top of the agenda here, too. The SQUARE can be produced of 304L, 316, 430 and with different paintings (black, grey). The original model of the fireplace has a double-walled fire conic, but it can be produced singel-walled, too. The fire space (fire space-wall and -ground) is completely equiped with 40mm thick fire bricks, however, by request they can be left out. Like all models, the SQUARE has 4 rubber wheels, which makes it easy to move or transport it.


Material: 304L-, 316-, 430 Stainless Steel

Diameter: 570mm x 570mm                                           

Höhe/Height: 2250mm